A few notable tweets from February 3-10, 2011

@tomwhitby: People need to understand that education and learning may be a common experience but that doesn’t make everyone an expert. #edchat

@stumpteacher: We need to stop looking for THE “fix” and fix our own classrooms and schools. Learn from each other and Just Do It.#edchat

@stumpteacher:”Students will be motivated by learning if the activities are relevant, active, and collaborative.” #edchat

@joe_bower: Most people’s default is 2 defer 2 authority; in other words, admin need to go out of their way 2 nourish sharing & collaboration.

@JoAnnJ68: Student success also involves student choice. Parents & teachers need to allow this to happen #edchat

@mrlucero82: There is a danger in the affability and ease of efficiency that stifles creativity. The word “worksheet” comes to mind.

@sahlinvic: #catca we need to recognize that all children are different and we need to cultivate their creativity and talent! #sirken

@dmeharris: Do students have the opportunity to discover what they are good at and what they love? #catca #sirken

@d_martin05: We need to start asking students where their passions lie and build our lessons around that #edchat #sirken

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