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A short conversation with…Stephen Brander @stephenbrander

Stephen Brander

Stephen Brander is a good friend of mine. I met Stephen in 1987 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB. He was back then, and is now, one of the most creative people I know. He does not work at a school, nor is he involved with education. It’s very important to get perspectives from people who work outside of education so I decided to ask Read the rest of this entry


I tried it–>>Every blog has a silver lining – Blog Challenge

Inspired by DavidD’s blog post Every blog has a silver lining – A mini challenge, I decided to make a word cloud of my recent posts. Very cool idea David!

Wordle: Wordle

A few of my favorite Sir Ken Robinson Videos

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A short conversation with…Alec Couros @courosa

Alec Couros

How long have you been teaching?

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What does recess look like at your school?

A George Couros @gcouros inspired post:

What does recess look like at your school? Do you see teachers speaking
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A short conversation with…Dave Meister @phsprincipal

Dave Meister

How long have you been teaching?

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lnspirational Blue Jays Commercial, "I’m Coming Home."

It’s almost opening day. I am a Red Sox fan but this commercial was just too good to pass up for a blog post. Excellent music and scenes. Enjoy!

When Community Comes Together

On the morning of March 24 at approximately 1:30 AM building 4100 was burning in Iqaluit. The 29 apartments in the building housed approximately 60 residents. Even though the building burned completely, everyone got out safely!

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Are you learning?

I recently asked if what we were doing as teachers was best for creating lifelong learners. After reading my post JoAnn Jacobs @JoAnnJ68 tweeted this to me, “Brian, I like asking tchrs who want life-long learners where are they in their personal life-long process.” That sums it up. If we want our students to be lifelong learners, should we not be lifelong learners too? The answer is obvious. Moreover, if you are learning, are you demonstrating your learning to your students? It might make all the difference to demonstrate this to your students.

Photo courtesy of Mark Brannan

To create life-long learners

I would say that most schools include this as part of their mission statement: To create life-long learners. Are we creating life-long learners by controlling students through rewards and punishment? By getting temporary compliance through external control? Are we just getting in the way of students full potential using rewards and punishment? Are we giving our students choice to meet outcomes? Or do we have to bribe them or punish them for not doing what we ask? Are we turning them off from school and learning through bribes and punishment? Are we creating life-long learners? It’s extrinsic motivation vs intrinsic motivation. What do you do?