A few favorite tweets, lately.

Eric Sheninger @NMHS_Principal: A merit study where teachers were given $15,000 over 3 yrs found no increase in scores via @DianeRavitch #nassp2011

Chris Wejr @mrwejr:@SheilaSpeaking @Nunavut_Teacher responsibility is key. But we don’t get responsible people by rewarding them to comply

Chris Wejr @mrwejr: @SheilaSpeaking @Nunavut_Teacher I want students to understand there are natural consequences for their choices. Feedback better than prizes

Chris Wejr @mrwejr: @Nunavut_Teacher @SheilaSpeaking punishments and rewards only create desired outcome when the reward/punishment is present

Brian Barry @nunavut_teacher: BOOM! The real lesson on finance http://bit.ly/hUX1mY by @d_martin05

Mike @mikekaechele:Just got around to watching @DianeRavitch on the Daily show http://bit.ly/fDxDSv

Alfonso Gonzalez @educatoral Twitter-It’s Not Just What’s For Breakfast… http://j.mp/ffqTPr @web20classroom

Robert Dewinetz rwd01 RT @alfiekohn: 4 quick responses to “But I have to assign homework! Look at all I have to cover!”: http://bit.ly/gdrjL4

Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach:Slideshow from the massive protest in Madison, WI yesterday #wiunion http://ow.ly/4dzVK


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