What do you mean by "best practices?"

What do you mean by “best practices?” Do you mean doing something to get more of the same? Is that what you really want? Or do you want something different? If you want something different, should you really be using the term “best practices?”


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  1. I no longer use the phrase 🙂 How does “optimal” practices sound instead?

  2. I prefer to use the term 'emerging' best practice. I'm a strong believer that we need to continually challenge ourselves to move forward and improve. Best practice may be applicable to the present time but assumes we have reached a pinnacle. If the current rate of change in the world continues, one thing is clear…what 'fits' today, will likely not 'fit' tomorrow.


  3. And my tweet from some time ago: “Best practice should not be confused with the practice you are best at.”

  4. Just as best doesn't mean oldest, it also doesn't always mean newest. When I think of best practices, I think of what works best for students and teachers. Best practices combine tried and true (old) ideas with innovative, exciting methods. The cliche' about trash and treasure applies here. What works for one teacher may be a disaster for another. Best practices should only be a foundation for the classroom. Consistent discipline, adapting to the needs of learners, balancing time, and taking advantage of all available resources are just a few things that I consider to be “best practices.” These are ideas that teachers should be able to use and adapt to their own styles.

  5. Aaron and Jesse,
    Well said! We need to remember what you both have said as the next bandwagon comes along.

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