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5 Quick Things about…@newfirewithin

Justin Stortz

1. Old -school NES games (along with The Simpsons) are near and dear to my heart. So much of my childhood is buried in that 8-bit contraption. It makes me warm and fuzzy. I still play them on my Android phone. Some of my faves were /are Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, StarTropics, Contra, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Mega Man 2, Super Dogde Ball, hmmm. I could probably go on, but I won’t.

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5 Quick Things about…@debbie_birchett and @MrMacnology

5 Quick things about…Debbie Birchett

1. I tend to talk excessively and my AD/HD “loves” this chatter! (I really do have AD/HD.) At times I have so much to share and say, excitement takes over and I talk non-stop. All through elementary school my report card stated “if Debbie would spend more time listening and less time talking she would be an excellent student”.

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Why are we not teaching students to be responsible digital citizens?

What I write in this post is not original; it is a reminder. Banning Facebook in school is not a solution to anything. If you think banning it will make it go away, you are mistaken. Students are using Facebook, blindly. They are building their online presence, now! Why are we not teaching them to be responsible digital citizens?

A short conversation with…Sean Banville @SeanBanville

Sean Banville

How long have you been teaching?
I’ve been teaching for 18 years. I had a few jump-in-at-the-deep-end introductions, which I loved, prior to my deciding to become a teacher. The first was at an orphanage in northern Thailand to do voluntary work. I had no idea what to do. I found a dusty grammar book in the library. I think my first lesson was on abstract and concrete nouns. Read the rest of this entry

6 things about my school.

1. We don’t have any cross-town school rivals. We are the only game in town.
If we want to play a sport against another high school, we have to fly to them or they fly to us.

2. We do have buses. Some students, however, choose to use their snowmobiles or 4 wheelers (in the fall) to get to school.

3. We do not get as many snow days as people might think. I think we had 1.5 so far this year.

4. Students call teachers by their first names. They call me Brian, not Mr. Barry. (I love that.)

5. My students’ first language is Inuktitut.

6. The grade nines go on 2 “day” trips a year. The first trip we learn how to build an Igloo; The second trip we go ice fishing. This happens in April.

A short conversation with…myself @nunavut_teacher

Chris Wejr demanded that I put this up on my blog. It was originally posted on Edna Sackson’s blog What Ed Said back in March 2011. Here you go.

Brian Barry

How long have you been teaching?
I am in my 12th year of teaching in Nunavut, Canada. I have taught Grades 4 (4 years), 7 (2 years), 8 (2 years), 9 (4 years).

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A short conversation with…Jeremy Macdonald @MrMacnology

Jeremy Macdonald

How long have you been teaching?
This is my 5th year in the classroom. I also had the opportunity to work as an Instructional Technology Coach part time this year, but I am looking forward to going back full-time in the classroom next year.

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5 Quick Things about…@4thGrdTeach and @shannoninottawa

5 Quick things about…Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach

1. I am an introvert hidden in an extroverts body, which means most people think I am really outgoing but I am just being loud to cover how shy I am. I am very loud with my students in order to get them excited but among people I sit and listen.

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5 Quick Things about…@arcticlass and @justintarte

5 Quick things about…Sharon Somerville @arcticlass

Sharon Somerville

1. I’m coming up for 63, but retirement doesn’t interest me! Not until I know what I want to
be when I grow up.

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5 Quick Things about…@Dwight_Carter and @mrwejr

5 Quick things about…Dwight Carter @Dwight_Carter

Dwight Carter

1. Married for 6 years

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