5 Quick Things about…@debbie_birchett and @MrMacnology

5 Quick things about…Debbie Birchett

1. I tend to talk excessively and my AD/HD “loves” this chatter! (I really do have AD/HD.) At times I have so much to share and say, excitement takes over and I talk non-stop. All through elementary school my report card stated “if Debbie would spend more time listening and less time talking she would be an excellent student”.

2. I’m a bit of an insomniac – secretly wishing that the days were actually longer so I could have more fun!

3. I wanted to run track professionally! I used to sign my friends’ yearbooks in high school “Debbie – Atlanta ‘96” followed by the Olympic Rings. I could not fulfill this dream due to an injury that honestly baffled doctors on many levels.

4. It took me 13yrs to realize that everything I do involves working with children! I not only teach, but I teach Sunday school, tutor children from various schools, and coach High School and little league sports.

5. I would love to pursue my coaching career and move to the next level (collegiate level)….but I don’t know what I would do if I could not teach young children everyday. Professionally I know I would be equipped, but I think I would miss the joys of teaching children with special needs.

5 Quick things about…Jeremy Macdonald

1. My number one goal in life is to be a good dad.

2. My number two goal in life is to drive 200 mph.

3. My favorite movie is Fletch.

4. I still have the penny I stuck in a socket when I was 4 years old.

5. I’m an Eagle Scout, just like Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver).


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