Are we just here to bore each other?

Meetings, presentations, speeches, ceremonies, etc. can be interesting; Most, however, not so much. I know that not everything can be exciting all the time. That is a given. However, I often wonder why we, as humans, continue to bore each other with long ceremonies, drawn out meetings, and uninteresting speeches/presentations. Can we at least question the value of how we do many of these things? Can we change some of these things or are we just here to bore each other?


Posted on June 6, 2011, in Boredom. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I like your thinking Brian. When the question is asked 'Why do we do it this way?' the answer is, invariably, that this is the way it's always been done.It strikes me that we expect our students to be creative but we ourselves stick rigidly to outdated and ineffective practices.

    By coincidence this morning I overheard one student say to another 'I'm bored already'. It was 8.50 am; first class begins at 9am!

  2. I recently walked out three workshops at a conference because I just can't do it anymore. I don't want to be bored. I want to be engaged! I want to be included in the learning process. Why don't we provide more opportunities for engagement? Everyone would benefit. As always, thanks for being you!

  3. @Daqmien, thanks for the comment. Sad and funny that they were bored and class had not even begun. Indeed, we need to get away from the mentality of doing it because “it has always been done this way.”

    @Marialice thanks for the comment. Wow, walking out indeed is a sign that things need to change.

  4. Being an ADD adult is a challenge in itself but if I can't be engaged and contributing I feel I'm wasting my time. I have yet to complete a webinar without reading my email, checking Twitter, or finding something else more meaningful to occupy the time. If all else fails I check out early.

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