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Are we just here to bore each other?

Meetings, presentations, speeches, ceremonies, etc. can be interesting; Most, however, not so much. I know that not everything can be exciting all the time. That is a given. However, I often wonder why we, as humans, continue to bore each other with long ceremonies, drawn out meetings, and uninteresting speeches/presentations. Can we at least question the value of how we do many of these things? Can we change some of these things or are we just here to bore each other?


A few thoughts on BORING PD days.

I recently attended 2 days of training for Smartboard. What stood out about the training was not what I learned. What stood out was how disengaged I was.

Unfortunately, many experience PD days like this. They have to sit. They have to listen. They have to read a Powerpoint presentation while listening to the speaker read it at the same time. They have to listen to the speaker’s opinions and not share their own. They have to sit there disengaged. They even question the benefit of such an activity.

Wait! There is a benefit. It reminds me how multitudes of students feel every day the world over- disengaged. It is a reminder to never run a classroom like boring PD days.

Please save me from another boring Powerpoint Presentation!

I tweet a lot about bad Powerpoint presentations. Recently I sent the following


Why do people teach the mechanics of ppt but neglect teaching how to use it 2 make a great presentation?

Responses received:

@philhart: Because those teaches would need to raise their game. 😦

@thecleversheep: ‘Cus people still think it’s about the tool rather than the message.

@MilaSaintAnne: Perhaps.. it’s more easy to learn technics than think about the subject you have to talk…

: Teaching the mechanics of ppt is easier than developing effective communication skills. Skill development takes effort.

The common thread is that it is much easier to teach the mechanics than to teach communication skills. Further, I just don’t think people know what a great presentation looks like and/or they just don’t care.

It is not the tool itself that concerns me; it is the misuse. Here are a few links to help with (Powerpoint) presentations:

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