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5 Quick Things about…@newfirewithin

Justin Stortz

1. Old -school NES games (along with The Simpsons) are near and dear to my heart. So much of my childhood is buried in that 8-bit contraption. It makes me warm and fuzzy. I still play them on my Android phone. Some of my faves were /are Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, StarTropics, Contra, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Mega Man 2, Super Dogde Ball, hmmm. I could probably go on, but I won’t.

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5 Quick Things about…@debbie_birchett and @MrMacnology

5 Quick things about…Debbie Birchett

1. I tend to talk excessively and my AD/HD “loves” this chatter! (I really do have AD/HD.) At times I have so much to share and say, excitement takes over and I talk non-stop. All through elementary school my report card stated “if Debbie would spend more time listening and less time talking she would be an excellent student”.

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5 Quick Things about…@4thGrdTeach and @shannoninottawa

5 Quick things about…Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach

1. I am an introvert hidden in an extroverts body, which means most people think I am really outgoing but I am just being loud to cover how shy I am. I am very loud with my students in order to get them excited but among people I sit and listen.

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5 Quick Things about…@arcticlass and @justintarte

5 Quick things about…Sharon Somerville @arcticlass

Sharon Somerville

1. I’m coming up for 63, but retirement doesn’t interest me! Not until I know what I want to
be when I grow up.

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5 Quick Things about…@Dwight_Carter and @mrwejr

5 Quick things about…Dwight Carter @Dwight_Carter

Dwight Carter

1. Married for 6 years

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5 Quick Things about…@joe_bower and @Mrs_P_teaches

5 quick things about Joe Bower @joe_bower

1. I live to play baseball with my brother Jeff. I’m on the mound and he’s patrolling second base.

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5 Quick Things about…@MmeVeilleux and @intrepidteacher

5 Quick things about…Ingrid Veilleux @MmeVeilleux

1. I have an enthusiastic personality so I can get very carried away with projects I work on. One of my mottoes: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

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